Thursday, January 27, 2005

still sick

Pare, wasted nako.

I am still sick. Managed to do a couple of chores, get some rest (40 minute nap?) and yep, was even able to fix a printing problem through the phone sometime today.

I cannot fathom why there would still be some people who would bother you when you are sick. After all, the main objective of staying home would be to rest (a.k.a, not work). Oh well. *sigh* It's partly my fault. I cannot bear the thought of turning off my phone, since it will cut me off not just from work, but from everybody else as well. I tried doing that yesterday but ended up having more than 30 delayed messages and about 10 missed calls (3 from family, the rest from work). I tell ya, it's harder to keep on erasing those messages than it is just receiving them on time and erasing them as they come in.

I hope i can muster enough strength to go back to work tomorrow --- as far as the workload goes, it'll be a pile of papers when i get back. Sheesh.

+ + +
(a short plug for those in the area and are bitten by the art bug!)

Artist-Guided Tour with Brenda Fajardo
February 8, Tuesday, 2-4 pm
Fee: P100

Wouldn’t you like to hear things straight from the
horse’s mouth? While Luna, Hidalgo and the rest of the
artists featured in “A Rough Sketch: Initial Musings”
would be unable to personally speak, their works will
do so in their stead. Dr. Brenda Fajardo on February
9 will give a guided tour of the exhibition to help
these works speak to viewers. A painter, stage
designer, and teacher, Dr Fajardo will enable the
viewers to understand and appreciate the studies and
sketches of the featured artists. Fee is P100 (Limited
slots). Participants are asked to bring either
charcoal pencil and white pencil or black and white
contè crayon, and a brush for the activity. Dr Brenda
Fajardo received her MA in arts education at the
University of Wisonsin. She is founding member of the
Philippine Art Educators Association and the
KASIBULAN. She is a 1992 Thirteen Artist awardee of
the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

+ + +


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Family Guy kills me. I just lurrrrrrrv the show. Terrific. Simpsons looks tame compared to the Family Guy.

Brian, Stewie and Peter steal the show. Special mention to Quagmire. Who I think is the hidden star of the Family Guy. Does it show on TV there? Or do you get it off the web?

wanderlust junkie said...

heheh..yep. I love Lois' character too. I think Brian is the silent hero for this show, though. Stweie contrasts greatly to Brian's stoic nature, which is always a barrel of laughs. I watch it through DVDs, my sweetie and i are big fans of the show. :-)

hlF said...

teacher brenda rox!!!

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